Philosophy Statement

Independent Community Resources, Inc. provides services to individuals with disabilities. It is our belief that all individuals have the right to gain independence over his or her own life by learning to take care of their daily needs. We believe that teaching persons with limitations to live in the least restrictive environment and in an environment conducive of a normal setting, will provide the stimulation that is needed to succeed.

At Independent Community Resources, Inc. we believe that to succeed one must first learn to overcome the obstacles of life. It is our goal for each individual to succeed in their personal achievements by allowing each individual the opportunity to experience success and failure.

We feel that it is important to include family members and significant others in the progression of each individual. This allows for a positive support group for each individuals personal growth.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to assist people with disabilities to succeed in the community, to gain independence, self-worth, self confidence, and achieve their own personal goals.

Independent Community Resources was established on March 1, 1992.