Independent Living Service

Independent Community Resources, Inc. (I.C.R.) was designed to assist people with intellectual disabilities to transition into the community. Independent Community Resources, Inc. offers the support needed to build a secure foundation for Independent Living. Independent Community Resources, Inc. serves developmentally disabled adults, disabled parents and their children, as well as head injured adults, and persons with other limitations.Our program offers services in the following areas:

* Money Management, monthly budgeting of income
* Nutrition
* Menu Planning
* CookingIMG_2713
* Grocery Shopping
* Safety in the home and community
* Basic first aid
* Medical Appointments
* Self advocacy
* Proper cleaning technique
* Problem solving
* Recreation and leisure activities
* Human relations, relationships
* Interpersonal relationships
* Awareness of the local community
* Substance abuse resources
* Mobility training

* Other services are provided as needed on an individual basis.


Family Support Serviceshamille5.2012.jpg

Independent Community Resources, Inc. offers individualized supportive living environments for developmentally disabled parents and their children. Our services include pre-natal, infancy, toddler and preteen education as well as education on safety and the various child development growth stages.

We provide independent living training in the individuals own residence as well as our congregated living services which include 24 hour support and education for parents and their children.


Supportive Living Services

Independent Community Resources, Inc. provides support and education to individuals with physical limitations. We offer the physical and emotional support necessary to enable adults the opportunity to live in an environment of their choices and as independently as possible.Sam-Kevin-Jaime-Maritza.jpg

These services range from minimal support up to 24 hour support.